We utilize technology like no one else in our industry. We are completely paperless, which means incredible turn around times for customer service. Need an invoice? Need a copy of your scope of work? No problem, its on our encrypted and secured Ipads, we can send it to you instantly.  We also can accept credit/debit cards  anytime and anywhere. Also, because we use technology like no one else it puts us a step ahead of the competition in the "Green" department. No paper and Less energy consumption, paired with our Green Cleaning Products means we are more sustainable and environmentally friendly than anyone else in our space.

 Carpet Cleaning


Before we begin our service with you, we provide a detailed scope of work. Outlining exactly which items will be cleaned. Everything from the drinking fountain to vacuuming the floors will be listed. You will know EXACTLY what to expect, so we will never take shortcuts.

We will list out the frequency of tasks as well.  For example- If you want your floor mopped on Tuesday and Friday only, we will commit to it. 

By providing a scope of work and frequency of tasks, we can provide a clear outline of what you can expect. No more guessing.


 Office Cleaning

Quick Response

It would be silly to say that we will never forget a task. Its not common, but it does happen.  In the event that you need to place a service call, we are easy to contact.  We will correct the issue, no questions asked.

 Restaurant Cleaning

No long term commitment

We provide an excellent service, and there is no need to tie you into a contract.  If you want to cancel just call us by phone or send an email 30 days in advanced and you can walk away. 

Because we don't lock you into a contract, we are going to do our best to keep you around.  We depend on you, as much as you depend on us.  So we certainly don't want to let you down.